Tramadol is well known all over the world as a pain killing drug but there is now a huge increase around the globe of people using Tramadol as a party drug for it's pleasurable effects. People are trying to buy Tramadol online purely for it's narcotic effects and this means people who suffer no pain at all but simply want to feel good.
There are serious risks using Tramadol as a party drug as it can become very dangerous indeed.
For example if you mix Tramadol with alcohol you could simply die. If you take Tramadol with other drugs such as cocaine you risk having a seizure which can be fatal to you.
For these reasons no one should ever abuse Tramadol and it should only be taken to treat pain.
All around the world addiction clinics are filling up with people addicted to opiate drugs and Tramadol is one of the main drugs that people are getting hooked on. The withdrawal can be hell and can last weeks.
So the advice is, if you do not need to take Tramadol for pain relief then you should not take it all.
You have been warned.